Don’t Fear Grace (A Gospel Meditation)

FeedFearThe fear of grace or reservations toward it, that are sometimes voiced in the church today, are unfounded. They are not based on a biblical understanding of grace. Grace is not and never will be a license to sin, nor does basking in it make the Christian want to sin. It is quite the contrary. As we realize that grace is not part of our relationship with God, but it is the entire basis of that relationship, our hearts are won over. As grace does it’s work in us, repentance flows. Repentance is the response of a grateful child, not a groveling one (Titus 2:11-12, Heb. 4:16). If my relationship with God was broken every time I sinned, I wouldn’t have a relationship with Him. Even my repentance and holiest attempts at obedience are mixed with questionable motives and selfishness. Even my goodness needs to be redeemed – and redeem He does.

That is why the river of His gracious forgiveness perpetually flowing toward me, in spite of my sin, because I am in Christ, draws my heart to repentance and faith – something the fear of rejection can’t do (Rom 5:20). If coming to or staying in Christ depended on me, and what I do, I would be lost. But it depends wholly and solely on Jesus, and what He did in my place. The result of that is a heart helplessly drawn to the love of God. And the last thing I want to do in the face of that kind of love, is run away from it into my sin (Rom 6:1 – 2). The grace of God is the rock on which I stand and my motivation to keep standing. We need not fear it. #SolaGratia